• Do you manage someone else's calendar?
  • Are there multiple people who need to view or update an executive's diary?
  • Is there a need for an executive's calendar to be accessed on more than one mobile device?
  • Do you need to keep track of invitations and potential engagements?
  • Do you need to be aware of corporate or other events when planning appointments?

Traditional calendar systems are not designed to handle any of the above scenarios. Traditional systems are designed for a single calendar to be managed by a single person who is the owner of that calendar.

Designed for the Team

mobileX is different. mobileX is designed for use by a person or a team who manage the diary of an executive.


mobileX is built around the idea that there are a number of roles which are required to manage the diary of an executive. These roles may be performed by a single person, such as an executive assistant, to a large team.

Mobile Access

mobileX allows the executive's diary to be securely read by their staff on multiple mobileX devices such as BlackBerry® smartphones. Optionally staff who have rights to edit the executive's diary can be given access to make changes on the mobile device.

Invitation Management

mobileX keeps track of all invitations not just electronic invitations. Rather than a physical tray of invitations and potential appointments, mobileX introduces statuses for appointments allowing the staff and the executive to view just accepted appointments or possible and accepted appointments.

Contextual Calendaring

mobileX allows an executive and their team to consider the impact of other events on the planning process. Holidays, corporate and other events can be recorded in a single corporate calendar which is available to all mobileX instances

Canberra Business Point Award 2010


We love it. It is the best for a Executive’s diary. MS Outlook is OK for your own bits and pieces but not for the working diary of a Executive. …go for it. Avoid Outlook. PA to Senior Federal Cabinet Minister