• Are there multiple people who need to view or update an executive's diary?
  • Is there a need for an executive's calendar to be accessed on more than one mobile device?
  • Do you need to be aware of corporate or other events when planning appointments?

Designed for the Corporate Executive

mobileX for Executives is the full version of our mobileX software. It is a desktop application which contains many features designed specifically to assist one or more staff members to plan, track and organise the executive's diary.

Smartphone Access

mobileX for Executives includes the ability to access the executive's calendar from multiple mobile devices. There are even additional features that can be enabled to complement the desktop component of mobileX.

mobileX for Managers

mobileX for Managers is a cut down version of the mobileX for Executives suite. It allows a manager to experience some of the advanced features of mobileX for Executives even if they update their calendar themselves.

Canberra Business Point Award 2010


We love it. It is the best for a Executive’s diary. MS Outlook is OK for your own bits and pieces but not for the working diary of a Executive. …go for it. Avoid Outlook. PA to Senior Federal Cabinet Minister